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The vision of Supercoders

The Supercoders, the Community that created OziBox, has a vision of developing the best tools for the internet, promote them through community processes and offer them free to you, that way making the whole internet experience better.

Donate a server

Therefore if you work for/ run a company that owns servers and you like to help Supercoders offer OziBox totally free to the world, you can consider donating a server.

Help the Community

Of course there are plenty other ways to help the Supercoders. The only precondition to take part in our Community: you have to share our vision for a free, friendly, open and shared internet. Below you can read about a few different ways of supporting us and we are more than happy to hear your own suggestions too. Thank you for your help!

How you can help:

Word of mouth:

If you liked OziBox and you find it useful, why don’t you tell your friends about it? Word of mouth has always been and always will be the best way of advertising. Because people trust people, not advertising agencies. So if you recommend something you liked to your friends they are more likely to take your word for it and go try it out! So post a note in your Facebook or Twitter account, mentioning OziBox, the Supercoders and its free 10 GB storage.

Beta test: you can beta test various products prior to release for us.

The real-world exposure outside our company is very valuable for us and we would be most thankful for your contribution! If you  have the time to beta test for us, please drop us an email.

Write various Plugins & applications.

If you are a developer yourself you can help us in the creation of OziBox, and other Supercoders’ Projects. So, if you have the time to write various Plugins or Applications for us, please email us and we will gete back to you ASAP!

Share & Like:

Another way of support that is even easier and faster, and that most people can do: share our Facebook page and/ or Like us on Facebook. As said before: people trust people, and your friends will trust you if you Like us or Share our Page!

Whatever you choose, we are most thankful for your contribution
and proud & happy to welcome you to the Community.