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Professional Cloud Storage

Storage with premium management software

OziBox is a Community developed and promoted Cloud and proudly says NO:

NO to unwanted advertising in your software
NO to expensive storage costs
NO to piracy and file theft
NO to complexity

OziBox is a Professional Cloud that says YES:

YES to a Better Internet.
YES to the Coders Community.
YES to Cost Effective Software.
YES to shared Know How.

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OziBox is created by the Supercoders a global community striving for a better internet. Supercoders work together since 2008 sharing the same values: they believe that the internet should be open, public, and accessible to everyone without any restrictions. Their vision is to develop the best tools for the internet and make the internet experience better. Their goal is to develop freeware and promote it through community processes. If you are sharing the same passion for a better internet, join the community and help fulfill the dream! There are many ways to help, volunteer, donate and promote! Learn more here.

Store your
files in a safe place

Tired of mailing files to yourself, in order to work from different computers? Even worse: tired of worrying your computer will suddenly break down & cause the loss of work that took you weeks to finish?! Well it really is awful- but also so ...out of date! Nowadays the answer to your fears comes from the skies- literally! Because now you can store all your files easily & safe in OziBox, the coolest cloud around. This way you will be sure where your files are, anytime, from anywhere you are without delays or worrying about accidents!


Collaborate with your
team and coworkers

OziBox is not just perfect for storing your files, it also lets you collaborate with your coworkers, employees and partners who are also members of Ozibox. See how your cooperation with others will improve drastically with OziBox. Even if you work with people who live very far away from you, OziBox will help you work better, easier, faster!

Sync and access your
files from anywhere.

Sync all your devices and have instant access to your files, no matter where you are: at your office desktop, at your computer at home, on the road using your smart phone, at the café using your iPad… Your files will be there for you, wherever you are, ready for you to use or share with others! Start now & see for yourself!