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This is a list of our top- asked questions.
Please contact our support team in case you have another question or problem.

What is Ozibox?

OziBox is a Community developed and promoted Cloud and proudly says NO: to multinational companies behind your software, no to commercial software, no to any kind of censorship, no to file theft, no to annoying ads all over your screen. Ozibox on the contrary says YES to FREE Internet, YES to open source and shared know how, YES to a friendly, open and community developed internet.

Do you offer any free storage space?

Yes, upon registration OziBox offers its users 10 GB Storage for FREE to sync and store files!
The free storage capacity is available to verified registered users only. We limit just one free account to each user and duplicate accounts are prohibited for the purpose of free storage. Duplicate accounts are a violation of our terms and can lead to termination of both accounts.

What are Ozibox Prices?

In addition to the free storage, you can extend your cloud storage capacity by upgrading your account. With the upgraded account, not only do you receive additional storage capacity, you will have access to premium management tools and extensible features to extend the capabilities of your cloud storage.

What is the Client App? 

The Client App is the application that syncs your Clouds with your PC. When you download the Client App to your PC automatically all the files of your Cloud will be synced with your PC.
If you work on many different PC’s you can download the Client App multiple times and have access to your files from your home desktop, from your PC at work etc. That way you can have access to your files no matter where you are with the Client App. 
NOTE: The Client App is 100% virus -clean and secure! 

Will I be exposed to advertisments when I use OziBox?

No. OziBox does not have commercials of any kind and does not work with advertising agencies. This is because the Supercoders don't believe in commercially driven software and are not trying to make money out of their projects. So all their projects- one of which is OziBox- are proudly ADS- FREE.